YouTuber in India designs 3ft-long electric bike to enable social distancing

A YouTuber from northeastern India has made a unique extended electric motorcycle that enables social distancing.

Partha Saha, a resident of Aralia village near Agartala, Tripura state, used up his savings to make a "social distancing" bike which he plans to use to ferry his daughter to and from school.

Keeping up with guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation, the electric bike has a one-metre distance between each seat.

"The bike runs on a 750-Watt DC motor, attached is a 48-volt battery which won't pollute the environment, unlike petrol or diesel-run bikes. Given the electric nature of the bike, it also produces less noise than any other bike," Saha said.

Saha bought an old bike from a scrap dealer, separated the engine and cut the machine in two before affixing a rod slightly longer than a metre (3.2 feet) to connect the wheels.

The bike runs 80 kilometres (49 miles) on a single charge and has a top speed of 27 mph.

Saha compiled the final version of the bike within two days on March 2.

The YouTuber has already tried out his invention on the streets, leaving onlookers stunned at the design and drawing praise from Biplab Kumar Deb, Tripura's chief minister.

"I wanted to ride with my eight-year-old daughter to school while maintaining a safe distance. Probably, that led to the birth of this design," Saha added.

He said that neither he wishes to popularise the vehicle as a commercial product nor would he seek permission from the transport department.

"Understanding social distancing, how important it is and why people aren’t following it made me think if I could attract their attention and spread awareness that social distancing is needed to prevent the spread of coronavirus," he said.

"The government has several agencies that certify whether a vehicle is suited for transport or not. Also, no vehicle once purchased and registered on a database can be modified without permission. So, I am afraid it can’t be used on the roads for now", Saha concludes.


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