Kaliningrad Gets Alternative Gas Supply Line

The Baltic states' anti-Russia stance is going to cost them plenty in terms of gas transit revenues. Russia has inaugurated an LNG terminal and vessel to supply the Kaliningrad Oblast with gas which can entirely bypass the gas pipeline going through Lithuania. Russia provided Lithuania with 40% of its total gas consumption in 2016 and 54% in 2017. Going by these numbers, they probably purchased more in 2018. I guess their 'energy independence from Russia' is only good for the TV cameras. The imported LNG seems to be too pricey for their taste.

Now Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia & Ukraine will have a lighter wallet come 2020 when gas transit revenues disappear. This is what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you.


By: KayserSoze (1679.52)

Tags: LNG, Gas, Pipeline, Lithuania, Russia

Location: Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia