Drunk driver smashes into grocery store owner by ex-boyfriend in northern China

A drunk driver crashed into a grocery store owned by her ex-boyfriend after an argument with him in northern China.

The CCTV footage shows a woman driving a BMW smashing her way through the entrance of the store.

It was understood that the driver was drunk and already asked a man to drive the car on her behalf, but then she had a dispute with her ex-boyfriend on the phone.

After the dispute, she went to the store owned by her ex-boyfriend’s family. Although her ex-boyfriend was not there in the store, the woman lost control, decided to drive into the store.

The woman was then given a penalty of 10 days in detention, and may also face one to six months in detention and fines, her driving license revoked and not being allowed to get drivers license within five years.

The video was filmed on October 7 and was provided by local media.


By: NewsFlare (98772.00)

Tags: WTF, drunk driver, crashed into grocery store, owned by ex-boyfriend

Location: China