Russia Fieldtests Doomsday Poseidon Drone

Poseidon is nuclear powered, nuclear armed underwater drone with almost unlimited range. When USA withdrew from ABM treaty which limited each side's deployment and development of anti-ballistic systems, Russia begun to look for cheap ways to overcome expensive US anti-ballistic shields which US begun to place on Russian borders on assumption that Russia doesn't have money and access to US borders to develop equal shields. US anti-ballistic shields are designed to give US upper hand in the potential nuclear war with Russia by intercepting Russian nuclear ballistic missiles on their way to USA. Poseidon is one of such cheap ways Russia made US investment obsolete and it does that by simply mounting nuke on a large nuclear torpedo drone with guidance system. For US anti-ballistic shield have small fault, it can't shoot or see under water.

Idea goes back to Cold War era when Andrei Sakharov, designer of Soviet thermonuclear program and winner of the Nobel peace price, first proposed to destroy both US coasts with such nuclear torpedo drones in case of war.


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Location: Russia