Construction Accident

Friend of mine in Mexico is an engineer. Happened on a jobsite today. He barely made it.

Just spoke to my buddy on whatsapp. The workers were building a road. The area where this happened is known for landslides. It was not caused by the work they were doing. It's hard to believe, but, no one was killed or seriously injured. Thought the guy that jumped out of the digger was a gonner for sure. Being that it was friday, the laborers had coolers full of ice cold beer ready to go. Immediately after this happened, they called it a day and got their drink on right there. Btw, there are plenty of capable people in mexico, we just get the bottom of the barrel here. Thanks and God bless liveleak


By: TarBayBay (1321.50)

Tags: Landslide, Construction Accident

Location: Mexico