Illinois cop using his personal assault rifle shoots and injures music school student

Video has emerged from last year's shooting of a 15-year-old music student at the hands of a suburban Chicago police officer who had pursued a bank robbery suspect into a rehearsal room.
Rylan Wilder was working at the Chicago music school Upbeat Music and Arts on November 19, 2019, when he was shot in the elbow and abdomen by a Des Plaines, Illinois, police officer.
Video from inside the business released by the attorney representing Wilder's family shows the unnamed uniformed officer storming into the music school in hot pursuit of an armed man suspected to robbing a bank in Des Plaines and carjacking a getaway car that day.
As the robber runs toward the back of the rehearsal room lined with pianos, he crosses paths with Wilder, who tries to seek refuge in a side room.

The officer unleashes a barrage of bullets at the fleeing suspect and apparently strikes Wilder, who ducks into the adjoining room clutching his severely injured elbow as students and a teacher there take cover and shut the door.
The suspect, identified as Christopher Willis, was shot in the head and killed at the scene.
Federal prosecutors said Willis and an accomplice, Maurice Murphy, carried out an armed bank robbery in Des Plaines, stealing more than $15,000usd
Charges against the cop....Ha! You know the drill among them



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