Novgorod The Great, Russia. Founded in 859. Father of Russia

Novgorod The Great (“Veliky Novgorod”, don’t mess with Nizny Novgorod) is one of the oldest Russian cities founded accoding to the first mention in the History at least at the 859 year. It is located along the Volkhov River which downsteam from Lake Ilmen.

The history of Russia started in Veliky Novgorod at 862 after it’s residents invited Rurik, the Scandinavian Varangian to manage their matters. Rurik laid the foundations of the future Russian statehood. The dynasty of Rurik ruled Russia for over 700 years after him, until in 16th century, the Romanovs came the Russian authority.

That’s what Novgorod The Great considered as the “Father of Russia”. Tsar Alexander II at the 1000’s year of Russia (1862) ordered to open The Monument to Millenium of Russia at the Kremlin of Novgorod The Great.


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Location: Veliky Novgorod, Novgorod Oblast, Russia