Pocket watch movement number 1

This is one of the pocket watch movements that I have collected over the years, the movement bears the names of Schulen & Boby, who worked in partnership at the Cornhill in Ipswich from 1859 to 1874. The movement is a three quarter plate English lever, with an over sprung cut and compensated balance.
After the death of Charles Schulen, William Boby went into partnership with Arthur Jannings at the Cornhill, but later moved into the Butter Market. I have included a picture of their shop, the first of the pictures of the shop in the Butter Market shows an image from the Butter Market shop No 28 from around 1880 before it was even built on the right hand side of the picture, the second is of Boby & Jannings shop from around 1910, the third picture shows No 28 now being owned by R Barrett and is from 1969, the fourth is from the present day and the shop No 28 is now owned by J. G. Andrews. All of the owners have been watchmakers and jewelers.


By: Rhizomania (1452.70)

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