Police release dash cam of deadly crash involving RTA bus

Trotwood Police Chief Erik Wilson said there was never a pursuit between an officer and the car that crash into an RTA bus on Sunday on State Route 49 and Free Pike.

The chief said after the officer spotted 18-year old Christopher Baker driving a car down Shiloh Springs Road with windows tinted too dark and expired plates, the officer started following it.

“The plates were expired and they actually didn't belong on that vehicle, they belonged to another vehicle,” he said.

Police said Baker then turned right on red at a “No turn on red” onto State Route 49 and the officer followed behind.

Chief Wilson said the officer started to follow the car, eventually turning on her lights. However, he said Baker started speeding up, so the officer turned her lights off, ending the attempted traffic stop.

“We have a very defined pursuit policy and it's for violent crimes only," Wilson said. "A traffic offense does not fall in our chase policy."

Chief Wilson said as Baker approached the Free Pike and S.R. 49 intersection, the officer was 926 feet behind him. He said the officer was clearly not close enough to have been in a pursuit.

He said at that point, Baker was traveling so fast that he started sliding when attempting to stop at the red light and crashed into the RTA bus, causing it to flip. He said the bus had a green light and was almost through the intersection when it got hit, and that an off-duty detective happened to be driving nearby and stopped to help.

“They were able to pull out the driver and the back seat passenger," Wilson said. "Unfortunately, they weren't able to pull out the female victim and the car caught on fire and burst into flames and became engulfed."

18- year-old Kyren Wright and 15-year-old My’Anie Nabors were killed. The chief said Baker is still in the hospital, but is not expected to survive.



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