Violence, Arrests at "2nd FTP Emergency Action Against NYPD and MTA" Protest

Several activists were arrested Friday night in New York City when hundreds took to the streets in the "2nd FTP Emergency Action Against NYPD and MTA."

Activists with "Decolonize This Place" and other groups have been protesting the New York Police Department over what they see as racist enforcement of fare evasion laws as well as arresting unlicensed vendors such as churro dispensers, as well as individuals arrested for simply eating on the train.

In a previous demonstration, the activists had performed a mass fare evasion as an act of civil disobedience. This time, police had the subways blocked to mostly prevent a similar stunt from occurring.

Several arrests occurred during the march, as police demanded that activists get onto the sidewalk. Some arrests occurred on the sidewalk, while others occurred on the streets, sometimes spawning momentary violence between police and protesters.



By: WashingtonAndBeyond (948.30)

Tags: New York Police NYPD

Location: New York, New York