Why Uke Roads Crumble - Revealed


In Europe, Ukraine is known as the "Mother of all Potholes."

I don't know if you ever have laid asphalt, but I have.
I can tell you that this Turkish asphalt crew doesn't know what the heck they are doing.

Without a firm compacted base, without a road bed moisture barrier, without scored old asphalt...
this "new road" is doomed in weeks or months. Money will be long gone.

By Winter, the road will be a hell-hole street, once again.

Paid for by the EU and IMF, the crew is obviously not being inspected and any core sample would
show that they are incompetent, incapable and pathetic road builders.

Bugsy should hire Russian crews who are used to building long lasting asphalt roads
for harsh conditions.



By: Jim Jackson (620.40)

Tags: Ukraine, roads