O Winston-Link

O Winston Link was definitely one-of-a-kind of railway photographer. He was born in 1914 and lived till 2001. He was a quiet family man from New York who started taking pictures of the Norfolk & Southern railways in the late 40's (after the war) 1950's and the early 60's, It started as a hobby (doesn't it always ;-)

He pioneered night photography using flash equipment he designed himself....some of the shots could have up to 30 bulbs flashing in sequence over a length of ground. I'd heard some Liveleakers talking over the years how when they were young they could hear steam train whistles way off in the distance in the middle of the night...these pics should bring back some memories! He went on to do lots of cinematic things and Link worked at a government laboratory as both project engineer and photographer. The laboratory was then researching a device to enable low-flying airplanes to detect submarines underwater. Link's main responsibility was photographing the project for the United States government. His first name was Ogle - true dat!

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