Teenager having a mental episode gets taken down in front of his Mum

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A has blasted hospital security guards and police for tackling her 16-year-old son to the ground, punching him and Tasing him after she brought him to doctors during a 'mental health episode'.
He has a history of mental health problems and, according to staff at the hospital, had been saying he had a gun and wanted to shoot people.
When she arrived at Atrium Health emergency room, a security guard who came outside pushed him to the ground. He then threatened to Tase Hayden but his Mum, Jessica stood in between them.
A second guard then intervened and, as his 's back was turned, grabbed Hayden by the neck and threw him to the ground.
Four sheriff's deputies then were called to the scene. Hayden spat blood in one of the officer's faces. In response, the deputy punched him.
After the incident, Hayden was charged with four counts of assault. He is due in court on Monday.
Neither the hospital nor the sheriff's department have apologized and both say their staff acted appropriately to gain control of the situation.



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