Belgian government collapses

News is a bit scarce as it's just happened but I'm told there's been an emergency broadcast.

It seems the Prime Minister was/is determined to sign up to UN global pact on migration but the coalition N-VA have said if he gets on the plane to Marrakech it will be his last trip as PM.

"Prime Minister Charles Michel does not bow to the Flemish nationalist ultimatum and considers the Executive to be broken

He will sign the UN Miguertorio Pact despite the threat of the N-VA

Four years and two months later, the Belgian Executive, the impossible coalition, lives its last hours. The N-VA, the Flemish nationalist party and the first force in votes of the country, has given this Saturday night a very clear ultimatum: if Prime Minister Charles Michel takes off on Sunday towards Marrakech to support the UN Migration Pact, It will be his last trip as head of government. At least of this one. And the prime minister has seen the cracking. Minutes after the threat, Michel has said that he will keep his word, that he will board the plane, that he will back the Pact and that he is already studying that several Secretaries of State of other formations temporarily replace the ministers of the N-VA, despite that they have not formally resigned."

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