Casino fight ends in a coma and death

This incident took place on November 2016 in Cluj, Romania.
This week the judges sentenced Gabor Rupi, who killed Oun Ahmed – “The Casino King”, to seven years' imprisonment and the payment of 100,000 Euros (aprox. 110,000 USD) to the victim's wife and child.

The story:
Oun Ahmed, a well-known Arab nicknamed "The King" of Cluj casinos, met a tragic ending after entering a violent altercation with a friend of his, Gabor Rupi, a "businessman" from a nearby city.
The two quarreled in December 2016, while in a local casino game room. Ahmed was the one who started the conflict by swearing at him multiple times. Rupi threw a pile of money at the table and then slapped him. Ahmed, in turn, rushed at Rupi trying to injure his neck with a wine glass, at which point Gabor punched him and sent him into a coma. Rupi's blow to Oun's jaw caused him to fall to the floor and lose consciousness.
A month later, Oun Ahmed recovered from the coma, the injuries caused by the fall completely healed. Oun Ahmed was going to reconcile with Gabor Rupi, in exchange for a sum of money, but Oun died shortly after, because of infections that he acquired while he was hospitalized.

Credits go to Ziardecluj, a local news/investigation platform.


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