Standoff and Protests Continue at Venezuelan Embassy, Two Leave

Now two weeks into a standoff against police and Juan Guaidó supporters, a coalition of activists with CODEPINK and the ANSWER Coalition held a Mother's Day themed protest at the Venezuelan Embassy.

CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin attempted to cross to the Guaidó side of the street, but was prevented by police. "I'm gonna go right into that crowd and you're gonna have to arrest me" she told an officer, unhappy that she was no longer allowed to go onto the other side to interact with her rivals.

Police say they "have identified a hostile environment" when the two sides meet. So, they say, "it's not about the rights, it's about the safety."

"Embassy Protectors are living and working in the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC with the permission of the elected government of Venezuela to prevent right-wing extremists and the US-coup leader Juan Guaido from taking over the embassy," said a press release by CODEPINK. "Under the Vienna Convention, the US has a responsibility to protect the embassy, which it is failing to do."

Interviews: Aminta Zea and Kei Pritzker. Zea and Pritzker were two of six activists who left yesterday after water was cut off to the building, severely limiting the resources consumable by the people inside. They say they will continue to stand with activists outside the embassy.


By: WashingtonAndBeyond (819.30)

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