Questioning Possible Ebola Outbreak Is A Human Right

Recently, all it took for the Ebola virus to jump over the border between the Congo and Uganda was an infected group of six people to cross via a footpath. Since then a 5 year old boy on the Ugandan side died from the Ebola disease after vomiting up blood. Fox reported "The "stubbornness of Congolese" is a challenge in screening, a Ugandan Red Cross official, Francis Tumwine, told the AP at one border crossing last week. "They have failed to understand that Ebola is there, they think that it is witchcraft which is killing them." Meanwhile, hundreds of Congolese refugees were dumped in San Antonio Texas and then bused into the interior of the United States, disappearing into the population without travel documents and/or host homes. And their is a network of providers offering cash assistance to refugees. Just two years ago Reuters reported on George Soros' Humanity Ventures earmarking $500 million to ensure that refugees can enter the united states en masse. The state funded refugee cash assistance plan helps refugees acquire apartments with furnishings, food and clothing, school registration, etc. During the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak in the United States where 11 people were treated including an ebola infected 45 year old man who according to the CDC "...was treated for possible sinusitis and discharged.Three days later, the man returned to the hospital by ambulance with persistent fever (101.4°F [38.6°C]), abdominal pain, and new onset diarrhea; ...two days later the Texas Department of State Health Services and CDC confirmed that patient 1 was positive for Ebola virus." Eight days later he was dead. then infected a Dallas, Texas nurse. That was one man, who sought treatment. Of course we are told we have nothing to worry about. No one ever said they were carrying the virus. We are simply concerned that an outbreak of this potential magnitude isn't a top priority. All it takes is a tiny bit of common sense to realize that an Ebola outbreak could happen at any moment as there are hundreds of Congolese refugees starting their journey north from as far south as Brazil and Ecuador. All it would take is one to infect hundreds of immigrants that are migrating north by the thousands. And even though every source in this report is 100 percent verifiable. You have been told by your minders that this is fake news. Or is it?;live

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