The false narrative of racism needs to stop #MAGA #Trump2020

I'm sure white people on the Left will totally disagree with him, because they're so invested in being offended on peoples' behalf. What kind of country would we live in if ALL (or even most) African-Americans adopted this self-sufficient, self-thinking, individualist attitude and dropped the white-people-hating victim mentality? Racism is an ongoing thing, but I truly believe that both sides do a lot to perpetuate it. There are elements on both sides that will literally physically ATTACK members of other races simply out of hatred for that race. I'm not going to point out ratios showing which side is more responsible for attacks that are one race against the other, because the standards for what racism is are far more strict on LL than in the real world. I'll concede to just be politically correct and say there are exactly the same amount of White-on- crimes as there are -on-White crimes - because it still serves to prove my point. That point, obviously, is that racism is very much a two-way street and BOTH sides have skin in the game.

Note - Because the topic is "racism" LL will almost certainly censor us by deleting the commenting ability because they don't trust us, their base and their bread-and-butter, to not say something offensive and racist. I don't necessarily agree with this type of censorship (after all, if say something racist on LL, several people will inevitably flag ), but that's the way it's done on LL so I'll just grudgingly go with the flow.


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