KARMA - Crow stole money from guy which he had stolen two days before

A curious incident occurred in Kostyukovic. An 18-year-old boy contacted the emergency services. He said that he inadvertently left his backpack on a bench near the store and for a few minutes left, and when he returned, he saw that the cover of the passport, which contained 150 rubles, was missing from the backpack," the Interior Ministry said.

CCTV footage helped solve the crime. They clearly show how the crow flew up to the bench and, having examined the contents of the backpack, took the cover of the passport and disappeared.

However, during the investigation, it turned out that the money did not belong to the guy, and fell into his hands criminally. Two days before the incident, he stole 300 Belarusian and 600 Russian rubles from a 52-year-old woman. The thief managed to spend only half of this amount, the rest - took the crow. Больше читайте здесь: https://tsn.ua/ru/svit/vosstanovila-spravedlivost-v-belarusi


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