Brazilian cop attacked by mob of drug users. Shootout as a result

During a police raid, after some drug dearlers got arrested, angry users rushed one of the cops as they pulled out, they managed to bring him down from his bike, beating him on the groun and one of the users even stole his gun, shooting him at point blank.

At this moments his partners got back shooting the mob with letal ammo, hitting the one who stole the officer's gun in the back.

Officer was saved by a miracle when the bullet didnt penetrated his body armor, he was later taken to hospital for routine checks and was clear to go home. The attacker was still in intensive care and is unlikely to survive, or at least walk again.

Now some context:

I live in São Paulo, one of the biggest towns in the world. Its actually safe here (i had myself more trouble in london than here as crazy as it sound). But there is a no-go zone in the town called "cracktown", a old area with a lot of abandoned buildings (like detroit) where dozens of crack users get together to live like zombies, they never leave and use drugs the whole day and night, so fucked up they lost sense of self preservation.

Because of this, police makes almost daily raids to arrest dealers and mantain order (as possible) in that area, but when the mayor wanted to send all users to a institution by force, all the left got together to call it "nazism" cause people should be free to use crack the whole day (and yes this happned and IM NOT kidding).



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Location: Brazil

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