Body Worn Camera Video Released In Deadly Baltimore Police-Involved Shooting

Baltimore Police have released the body-worn camera footage from the police-involved shooting at a Rite Aid in northeast Baltimore involving a suspect wanted for questioning in a Horseshoe Casino robbery.

The suspect has been identified as 24-year-old John Feggins from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was approached by police in the Rite Aid parking lot.

According to Police Commissioner Michael Harrison, a detective called in a report to the Northern District about a suspect vehicle linked to an Oct. 9 robbery at the Horseshoe Casino.

The video shows the first officer questioning the driver inside the vehicle. He asks Feggins to show him his license, and he says he will and asks what’s wrong.

“ got anything on I need to know about?” the officer asks.

Feggins goes to pull out his license, standing up from the car and the officer appears to grab him and then turns him around and checks his license.

The officer talks to another officer throughout the video and Feggins keeps asking what he’s being stopped for.

Then, the video shows what appears to be Feggins lunging onto the officer and the other officer shows up.

The video zooms in on what police say was a weapon- held up by Feggins as he’s on the ground.

Feggins and the officers appear to struggle on the ground for a few moments and then they go out of the surveillance video’s frame.

The body-worn camera video then comes back on to show the officer holding his gun and then the video zooms in to the two firearms seen on the ground next to a shoe near Feggins.



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