Orange County Sheriff’s Department Deputies Shoot Homeless Man

At about 1:12 pm, two Orange County Sheriff’s Department deputies with the city’s homeless outreach team were on patrol near the Hotel Miramar and attempted to make contact with a man described as homeless, the department said.

“Shortly after they contacted him, a physical altercation broke out,” said OCSD Sgt. Dennis Breckner. “Shortly after that two gunshots were fired.”

The deputies made lifesaving efforts, but the man died.

Breckner said officials reviewed video of the incident from a cell phone and from a nearby surveillance camera at a business. The latter shows the man reaching for a deputy’s weapon, he said.

If there was just some way to avoid getting shot by police. I just can't think of how it can be done.


By: Low UFO (4416.10)

Tags: Orange County, Homeless Man, Shot

Location: San Clemente, California