Teen Pushed Off Bridge

The video shows Jordan Holgerson, 16, standing above Moulton Falls on the Lewis River in Yacolt, Washington, with her friends gathered behind her.

'No, I won't go in,' Jordan can be heard telling her friends as they try to pressure her to jump off the bridge.

She tells her friends 'no' a second time in the video, but the group still rallies to get her to leap.

Then, suddenly, one man asks 'Ready?' and a female friend is seen shoving Jordan off the bridge.

The teen fell 60 feet into the water below, landing with a horrifying thud as her friends gasped.

Jordan suffered five cracked ribs and internal injuries after she was pushed off the bridge.


By: sheikh yerbouti (2375.00)

Tags: Wtf, Yawn, Teen, Pushed Off, Bridge, Cracked Ribs, Internal Injuries

Location: Moulton Falls, Washington 98675, USA