Not so bad after all....

F-35 has been repeatedly reviewed as and projected by many as a waste of money, useless and a failure. After 16 years of development it is now at the top of the heap as far as first strike fighters are concerned. Please, no references from 10 years ago. What could kill the greatest fighter jet of all time (F-15)…..the F-35. Good news for the F-15 too, there is a new procurement in the 2021 budget for the Silent Eagle, I was thrilled to hear that this bomb truck and all of it's huge upgrades are now on the table. Air superiority, globally.

Current news revealed that the recent China/Taiwan war games had the Chinese SU-30 getting 25 kills against Taiwan's Gripen (with the original, weak engine) in dogfights but in BVR, the Gripen had 49 kills. Canada has been offered to build 88 Gripens on home soil. As part of the original F-35 program, it is a much better choice considering the land mass that has to be covered and the shorter range (Gripen is designed as more of a European defensive fighter against Russia) leaves it as the front runner for Canada. Cost per flight hour is the main advantage the Gripen has over the F-35, but if it can't do the job as needed, it's money thrown out the window.

Also in the 2021 U.S. Budget is the official funding the space force.


By: Rod Burgundy (1885.50)

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