Universal Studios guests narrowly avoid being hit when a food cart crashes down on escalator.

[credit: licensing@viralhog.com]

" After finishing mazes on the lower lots, we got onto the escalators. As we ascended, we heard loud bangs and noticed girls on the escalator next to us running down followed by a large piece of equipment quickly tumbling after them. I was able to take my phone out on time. Recorded the girls making it out of the way. One girl in a red jacket jumped onto a small space near the hand rails. After the equipment landed at the bottom, we noticed an employee sitting on the escalator step going down.I asked if she was okay, she smiled and said “yeah.” My friends and I carried on with our day. I did not follow up on the girls at the bottom and I have no idea what happened after the incident."



By: als2 (532.50)

Tags: universal studios, escalator, food cart

Location: Universal Studios, Los Angeles