Advantages of being a small man in Russia

A video from the visit of Vladimir Putin's visit to the Ural Federal University became popular on Twitter and Reddit.

This short video shows how, during a photo shoot, an unknown student stood close to the Russian president and obscured the view. Then he was swiftly removed and replaced by a short girl. Commenters already have a lot of comic versions of what happened to the poor fellow after that and about the secret signs used by the KGB-man to to take the young guy out.

During the visit, Putin held a conversation with young people about science, career and development. The conversation lasted a little over an hour, and after it those present were photographed with the head of the Russian Federation.

That curious moment took a few weeks to spread widely on social networks: a young man stood in front of Putin and blocked him, after which an unknown man took the guy away and a short girl was put in his place.

It was a journalist Vadim Preslitsky who drew attention to the situation. He posted the video on Twitter, where it scored more than 60 thousand views in one day.

poll: Where did Putin get a midget girl for a photo?

The tsar can brings his extras for photo shoots wherever he goes
All of the above
How dare you to call a KGB colonel a "midget girl"
They grew it in a secret KGB lab



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