Jussie Smollett Racial Attack HOAX Continues To Unravel

Empire actor Jussie Smollett apparently brings his 2017 Lynch Video to life in explosive HOAX Hate Crime. The HOAX crime was immediately published and pushed as factual by Alt-Left media outlets (CNN, MSNBC, Huff Post, NY Times, WAPO, etc) to push anti-white racist agenda attack on Trump and Trump supporters. The b-actor and SJW who has also published multiple vile racial insults against Trump and his supporters before the incident in question on Twitter refuses to allow access to his cell phone to allow police to confirm his odd account of a racial attack. Police so far find no security video to back his claims. Jump to 1:00 mark in the video to see his fake Lynching.


By: JohnSmith1212 (1780.90)

Tags: HOAX Hate Crimes

Location: United States