Thai man pulls 17ft long tapeworm from his bottom

A Thai man was horrified after going to the toilet and pulling this 17ft long tapeworm out of his bottom.

Duangchan Dachyoddee, 34, had been suffering from stomach ache before using the bathroom at his home in Nakhon Sawan, northeast Thailand, on Monday night (September 21).

However, he felt something moving, which was touching his skin. He looked down and noticed the long, yellow, worm stretching down into the water.

The taxi driver was shocked when he saw the creature moving and leaped up from the toilet.

He then unraveled the rest of the yellow worm from his bottom. Duangchan said it was moving and ''looked like an ''alien''.

Stomach-churning footage shows the beef tapeworm wriggling around while it is laid out on the wet bathroom tiles.

Duangchan said: ''I couldn't believe how long it was. I kept pulling and it was still stuck in my bottom. When the whole worm came out I measured it and it was five metres long.

''I thought it was an alien. It was disgusting. That thing had been living inside me for a long time.''

Duangchan took the parasite to the doctor who warned him that the creature had come from eating raw meat.

Medics identified it as a beef tapeworm or taenia saginata.

The taxi driver said his favourite food is 'Key Neua', a spicy raw beef salad that is a popular dish in the Isan region of northeastern Thailand. The eggs of the tapeworm are believed to have been in the raw meat, which Duangchan then ate and they hatched in his intestines.

Medics said it was likely that more tapeworms could be living in his gut and prescribed medication to kill them.

Duangchan added: ''My stomach has felt better since the big one came out. But I still feel a bit sick knowing that there are more worms inside me. The doctors said it would be a few days before I start feeling better.''


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