Spotlight stolen from tourist downing a pint as brawl erupts around him

This was the shocking moment a brawl was caught on camera as a holidaymaker was showing off his drinking skills - taking the limelight away from him.

On the tourist hotspot island of Crete, Greece a young man is showing off to his friends how fast he can glug a glass of what appears to be beer.

As his gloating gets into the swing of things a sudden brawl breaks out behind him, forcing the cameraman to choose between recording his friend or the fight.

As he finishes the drink, the brawl continues with gratuitous blows to a couple of men.

The men on the receiving end of the violence make desperate attempts to escape but the mob holds them fast.

The filmer said: "No one is quite sure what the man did, but he was either inside or just outside of a club, either selling things or just being sketchy.

"The people who attack him were bouncers and not random people off the street came in to start punching."

The footage was captured on July 2, 2018.


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