Weird sex laws in the USA still on the books.

As a foreigner, I thought Americans were very puritan people. This was before I discovered the following laws.

In Louisiana, necrophilia is legal. But oral and anal sex with a corpse is forbidden. Too bad...

In South Dakota, men are not allowed to have an erection in public areas. Good luck guys!

In Iowa, if you kiss more than 5 minutes, you'll get a fine. Before you kiss, check if there's any officer with a stopwatch.

In Kansas, cunnilingus and fellation are considered as sodomy, and are consequently not allowed. Well, I have to check again some anatomy details...

In Massachusetts, you're allowed to have sex with a rodeo clown as long as it's not in the presence of horses.

In Iowa, you're not allowed to drink more than 3 sips of beer while having sex. Drink or , you need to choose.

In Oregon, if you use swearwords while having sex, you will get a fine. Someone need to hear you though... Check your neighbours.

In Washington, you're allowed to have sex with an animal if it's less than 40 pounds. So, it's ok with a poodle, not with a pitbull. Hopefully... or not.

In Minnesota, having sex with a fish is ok, as long as it's not alive.

In California, women are not allowed to have sex with a bull unless it's in a gang-bang. What I don't know is if it's a bull gang-bang or a mix men/bull...

In Bakersfied, CA, if you're going to have sex with satan, you must wear a condom or face jail time.

In Utah, you're allowed to marry your cousin if you're at least 65, or 55 if you can prove you and/or your cousin are infertile. You will need to be patient...

In Texas, you're not allowed to have more than 6 at home. And in Dallas specifically, the shape must not be too realistic. I'm waiting for a law about cucumbers and zucchini.

In Alabama, the only legal position is missionary. Also, selling sex toys is prohibited. Hopefully, incestuous marriages are legal.

Thanks for reading! And be sure we also have even weirdest laws in France. ;-)



By: PhilNice (701.20)