Arizona woman, 37, who left her 5-month-old in a hot car in Target's parking lot is shown on bodycam footage telling cops she's 'not a neglectful mom'

This is the horrifying moment a mother in Arizona tells police she went more than 30 minutes shopping until she realized she'd forgotten her five-month-old baby in a hot car with no air conditioning, on a day where temperatures reached 102 degrees Farenheit.

Stacey Holly, 37, says she was on the phone when she left her vehicle and went into a Target in Goodyear with her six-year-old daughter, visited the Starbucks in-store and then the food market before she remembered the infant.

The woman's older child had unbuckled herself and she opened the back door for her but forgot the younger girl.

'I honestly don't know how it happened. I'm freaking out. I'm sorry,' Holly tells police in the newly-released video. 'I just don't know how it happened, how do you forget your baby?'

As a cop tells her they're going to have to take her in for questioning she is understanding but adds: 'I'm not a neglectful mom.'

Holly was also with her sister at the time of the June incident where the baby luckily survived.

The child's aunt called 911 before they were seen on police bodycam explaining what happened.

'We went into target and forgot we had a baby in the back seat,' Holly's sister cries. 'We didn't do it on purpose obviously we just forgot that we had a baby with us.'

Footage shows the woman's elder child also bawling before authorities take the baby away on a stretcher.

The children's aunt tries to calm Holly and the six-year-old as the infant is rushed to hospital and she explains the little girl is just being taken for checks.

Police said the infant was discovered red in the face and sweaty outside the Cotton Lane and Yuma Road shopping center.

A one point and officers says he doesn't believe the baby was in the vehicle for as long as 30 minutes but another cops says the baby was just lucky to be alive.

'I can't believe the kid survived that long,' an officer says on camera. 'You got lucky on this one, man. Thirty minutes without it running. It's a long time. It's a little, little baby.'


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