Tornado damages 125 homes in Indonesia

A tornado damaged hundreds of homes in Indonesia on Friday afternoon (October 23rd).

The powerful whirlwind ripped through the town of Bekasi in West Java province shortly after 1 pm local time.

Terrifying footage shows how roofs were blown off and carts were tossed aside as sheets of corrugated metal and other debris were hurled through the air by the gusts of wind.

Clouds of dust and dirt were also seen being whipped up by the powerful vortex as it moved through the residential area.
The Bekasi Municipality Disaster Mitigation Agency said at least 125 homes were damaged.

A spokesman said: ''Ten properties were severely damaged while many others suffered minor or moderate damage.''

Residents whose properties were damaged were evacuated into temporary shelters while repairs were carried out.

Electricity and telephone networks were also cut off by the mini tornado. There were no casualties reported.


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Location: Indonesia