Two woman standing behind their stalled vehicle is crushed by another vehicle

Two women standing behind the vehicle after the accident occurred images of the car was hit.

The accident occurred Friday morning in the morning D-100 Highway in the direction of Şirinevler district of Bahçelievler occurred. According to information obtained, the car used by the supremacy of the steering wheel Sultan Ozdemir, hit the barriers. Özdemir, who survived the accident without injuries, and Fatma Zehra Kılıç with him got out of the vehicle standing in the middle lane.

Two women learned that there were no reflectors or other stimulus plates with them, and wanted to warn the drivers by passing behind their cars so that the other cars would not hit their cars.

In the meantime, a vehicle used by Armağan E. from the middle lane, hit two women badly. While the seriously injured women were taken to the hospital by ambulance, the driver Armağan E. was taken into custody.

Security cameras have emerged. The images show two women waiting behind the damaged vehicle. After a while a vehicle from behind the women before the car then hits. The images show that the driver tried to help the women by getting out of the vehicle.



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