The boy was looking at his mobile and was swept away by a tram

The accident occurred in the early evening at the Rondo hall. The boy crossed the New Sady Street. Subsequently, he preferred the tram departing from the stop and continued his journey.

“But he was more concerned with the phone than with the traffic situation and stepped directly in front of the incoming tram. Its driver did not have a chance to prevent the collision, ”said police spokesman Bohumil Malášek.

The boy remained wedged under the tram and gave the firemen enough work to get him out of there. Rescuers transported the young man to the hospital with a moderate injury. Police investigate the exact causes of the accident.

“Police preventionists warn that phoning, watching games on the phone or tablet distracts the pedestrian and is a frequent cause of accidents involving pedestrians. It is also very dangerous to listen to loud music in headphones,



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