The Official Liveleak Theme Song Search Has Ended, the winner is...

This song Rosie, by Jackson Browne, is a great song...and is totally about masturbation..(see: rosie palm and her 5 fingers)
and makes it the definitive Liveleak Theme Song.
I have listened to this song many times, many years ago but never really focused on the lyrics until yesterday...and discovered who Rosie was.
Personally, it is kind of a let down realizing this great song is really a comedy piece...but the reality is it's a true story of a sound mixer losing some chick to the bands drummer and "it looks like its you and me tonight...Rosie"... I put it in WTF because of the songs serious overtone with underlying masturbatory theme makes it a wtf.



By: billykid05 (8075.00)

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