The night Pemberton police shot and killed a man on darkened street

A township man was fatally shot by police just seconds after officers encountered him on a darkened street here, a dashcam video shows.

And law enforcement personnel have faced at least one threat as a result of the July 19 shooting of 41-year-old Witney Rivera, authorities said in releasing a copy of the dashcam video to the Courier-Post.

Rivera, 41, was allegedly wielding a scythe during the deadly incident in the Sunbury Village neighborhood, authorities say.

A dashcam video shows a fast-developing scene on the 100 block of Kinsley Road, where police arrived around 9:15 p.m. in response to a shooting a short time earlier.

"Yo! Knock it off!" a policeman shouts about 10 seconds after the video shows two officers exiting their cars in front of a small crowd.

"Put that f---ing thing down!" the officer commands moments later. "Yo! Put that down!"

The video then shows a man appearing to run across the street toward another person, with a police officer in pursuit.

"Put it down!" the officers shouts again, just as two gunshots ring out and onlookers cry out.

Some people in the crowd flinch at the shots, which occur about 20 seconds after the officers' arrival. At least one runs from the scene as others scatter away from the shooting scene.

After an interval of about one second, two more shots are fired.

"Shots fired! Shots fired!" an officer calls out.

"On the f---ing ground now! On the ground!" yells another officer, who repeats the order a few seconds later as onlookers shout and shriek.

A police officer then appears to handcuff Rivera.

The officers' images are obscured at times to prevent their identification, the state Division of Criminal Justice said in releasing the video.

It said the release of the officers' identites would "jeopardize the safety of the officers and may jeopardize the investigation in progress."

It added "a particularized, actual threat was made against the law enforcement personnel involved."


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