Terrifying moment metal sheet comes loose smashing into car behind

This is the terrifying moment a metal sheet came loose and flew into a car on a motorway in Thailand.

The sheet was being used to cover bottles of water when its lock snapped - sending it hurtling through their air.

Dashcam footage shows how it smashed the windscreen of the car behind in Samut Sakhon, central Thailand on Tuesday (September 17).

Samphat Yangrobroo, 46, slammed the brakes and hid under the dashboard following the scary impact.

He pulled over and left the car for a few moments and found the 3.2ft-long metal cover that shattered his windscreen lying on the ground nearby.

He said: "Everything happened so quickly. At first I thought it was just a piece of paper. I almost rammed into the traffic island to dodge it. It was lucky that I could stop quickly without causing a crash with the other cars behind.''

Samphat said he collected the debris then chased the truck using his damaged car to tell the confused driver about the accident.

He said the delivery driver apologised and explained that the metal cover was usually locked on the vehicle frames but it appeared to have been broken that day.

The truck driver's insurance company will pay for the damages to the car, which was sent to a nearby garage for repairs.


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Location: Thailand