The Shocking Truth Behind The Syria Airstrike.

The shocking truth behind the Syria airstrike is revealed in this video that took hours of research to put together.

Oh but it gets better. The Syria airstrikes have netted a profit margin of $5 BILLION DOLLARS to missile maker's stock value.

What a wonderful time for war profiteers.

You can find more info by visiting the link below.

Even those who dare question the narrative behind this incident are being silenced by the mainstream media.

And some politicians have the AUDACITY to brag about killing millions of innocent Russians in Syria. Disgusting.

Chemical weapons inspectors head to Syria to conduct a full investigation.

Hopefully, with the help of alternative media, they can shed some light on how the Hell this bullshit got passed on as evidence supposedly linking Assad to this attack.


By: BlackMuramasa (1053.10)

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