Pet Chihuahua with 'evil eyebrow' looks like movie villain (with royalty free music)

This two-year-old Chihuahua mixed-breed looks like a movie villain character with its prominent eyebrows and piercing stare with different coloured eyes.

Natnicha Namakprasert, 29, adopted the puppy with distinctive looks from her local animal shelter in Bangkok, Thailand.

The animal lover fell in love with the unique-looking pooch because it was sweet despite its stern appearance.

The shelter's volunteers called the rescued dog "Lucky" because they believed it had been born many special traits that will give it a prosperous life.

Lucky has an eyebrow-shaped black fur marking above its right eye which appears to be cynically raised like an evil movie villain. Lucky's two eyes also have different colours - blue and - which adds to its sinister appearance.

Natnicha said: "The first time I saw his eyebrow, I thought it was unique. Along with his blue eyes, I thought he was amazing and he drove me crazy so I wanted to adopt him.

"Most people say funny things like he was rushing to be born, so he couldn't draw another eyebrow in time, or some people said he should be a villain in a Disney cartoon."

Natnicha said the adorable pet dog attracts people whenever they go outside for walks.

She added: ''Sometimes people stop and ask for selfies with Lucky. He enjoys the attention.''


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