Richard Blumenthal Is The Brian Williams Of The Senate

Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal went full-tilt hypocrite during the recent subcommittee hearing on Google and Censorship through Search Engines. Senator Blumenthal, better known for falsely claiming to be a Vietnam war veteran, grilled Google holding them responsible for allowing Alex Jones and others to distribute false information on their search engine and allowing related content to remain on YouTube. Through veiled threats of revoking Google's immunities that shield them from lawsuits and references to his own son's participation in litigation against Alex Jones and Infowars, Senator Blumenthal let Google know he has them in a corner pressuring them to further censor Alex Jones and related or similar content. Its clear that Democrats such as Blumenthal use Alex Jones as a bargaining chip against Google and other tech giants that if they don't continue to assist the Democrats politically, such as censoring conservative dissent against their liberal agenda and pushing anti-American socialist propaganda, they will ultimately come down on them hard.

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