An-2 passenger predicted a plane crash in Magadan

One of the 12 An-12 passengers that crashed less than a minute after take-off from the airport in Magadan, before boarding, shot the plane on , especially noting its deplorable technical condition.

“On this flight we’re flying, in short, killed. It’s dangerous to fly on it,” the man said.

The aircraft owned by the T-Cement mining company, as evidenced by the initial report, increased the pitch while climbing, while losing speed. An-2 planned from a height of about 20 meters and collapsed to the ground with its left side .

"I'm still smelling that he won't take off!" - said the same passenger after a hard landing. Judging by the frames, he, along with other shift workers, was able to independently get out of the cabin.

In total, there were 14 people on board, seven were injured, five were diagnosed with compression fracture of the spine.

Experts are inclined to believe that either technical malfunctions or a pilot error led to the accident.



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Location: Magadan