Storm in central Thailand destroys coconut orchards and damages dozens of homes

Homes and coconut orchards were left severely damaged after a storm ravaged Ratchaburi, central Thailand on Tuesday night (May 19).

Strong winds from the storm had tore down more four acres of valuable coconut trees. Dozens of properties were also damaged by the powerful winds and rain.

Video from the next morning shows the provincial government officers visiting the area to evaluate the damage and offer help.

Sheriff Tassanapol Puenudom said the the government office will financially assist the locals who were affected by the storm.

He said: "We have our standard aid for people who were affected by the natural disaster. They can also go to our offices anytime for help.

"We will evaluate the damage and will help them with paperwork so they will receive assistance immediately."

Aside from the damaged fruit groves, the officers also found more than 40 houses in the same area left damaged by the storm.



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Location: Thailand