Oleg Sokolov, Russian re-enactor and historian of the Napoleonic era, charged with killing, dismembering his lover Anastasia Yeshchenko

On 9 November 2019, Oleg V. Sokolov, 63-year-old, was detained on suspicion of the murder of Anastasia Yeshchenko, his 24-year-old lover, his graduate student at St. Petersburg State University and his co-author of scholarly works. On 11 November Sokolov was charged with wilful murder (article 105 of the Criminal Code) and was arrested for two months until 8 January 2020 with the detention in the Kresty Prison. On 13 November defense lawyer said that Sokolov gave full testimony on the case (he had previously refused to do so, referring to the 51st article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation).

According to the investigation, Sokolov was found in the Moyka River in Saint Petersburg with a backpack containing the woman's arms and a less-lethal MR-353 Baikal pistol. Local media claims he was drunk and fell into the river as he tried to dispose of body parts. Police found the parts of human body in his home, but the plastic bag with the victim’s torso was not caught from the river until 11 November. He has admitted guilt and is willing to cooperate in the investigation. According to Sokolov's defense lawyer, Alexander Pochuyev, his client filed a confession, but the defense team does not intend to exclude the version of self-incrimination. In addition, Pochuyev noted that Sokolov was assigned a psychiatric examination, since "the defense version so far is based on the fact that Sokolov acted under some kind of strong factor, something strongly influenced him" and that "this could be a state of pathological intoxication or an irresistible impulse". As Sokolov himself stated during a meeting of the Oktyabrsky District Court of St. Petersburg, the crime was committed on the basis of a personal conflict, because, according to him, Yeshchenko had “recently a terrible reaction to my children” and “she started to freak at their mention” and then they both “lost control” during a quarrel and then “she attacked me with a knife”. At the same time, according to the local media, the young woman was killed in her sleep by a shot in the head with .22 LR sawed-off TOZ-17 rifle. Then three more shots followed, also in the head.

Sokolov told investigators that he shot Yeshchenko on Thursday, then entertained guests on Friday while her body lay in a room behind a closed door.

After they left, he apparently decided to dismember and dispose of the remains. He told police that the task made him physically ill, and he drank heavily to keep himself at it. He might have jumped into the Moika, which is shallow enough to stand in, when the backpack didn’t sink, or he might have been so drunk that he toppled in accidentally. Both versions have been reported. In any case, he called out in anguish, and a passing taxi driver called police.

His plan, local news organizations reported, was to make his way to the Peter and Paul Fortress on Sunday, dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte, to romantically take his own life.


By: Namenlos (1904.60)

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Location: St. Petersburg, Russia