News anchor apologizes to black co-anchor

Alex Housden, a white news anchor for ABC affiliate KOCO-TV in Oklahoma City, issued a tearful on-air apology for comparing her co-anchor Jason Hackett, who is , to a .

Alex Housden and Jason Hackett were co-anchoring the morning program on KOCO-TV on Thursday, August 22. They were reacting to what was supposed to be a light-hearted video from the Oklahoma City .

The had shared a video to Instagram of an named Fin adorably getting up close and personal with the camera. Hackett and Housden were gushing over Fin and laughing when Housden ended the segment by remarking, “He kinda looks like .”

It’s difficult to hear Hacketts’s response because of the traffic animation and music that followed. Hackett paused for a beat before answering, “He kind of does, actually, yeah.”


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