81-year-old man randomly kicked in the back

The search is on for the man behind a brutal and unprovoked attack in the Bronx.

Pablo Vargas, 81, was standing on Jerome Avenue and reading a newspaper Thursday morning.

Surveillance video shows the suspect approach the man from behind and kick him in the back.

After knocking the victim to the ground, the attacker just walked away.

Vargas said that he thought he had been punched until Eyewitness News showed him the video of the kick.

He says that the attack came without warning.

"No, I've never seen him," Vargas said. "I was walking alone. We hadn't said anything to each other."

The suspect can be seen in the video shouting or talking to himself as he walked away.

Vargas was treated in the hospital for a dislocated shoulder. The elbow he landed on is bruise and swollen and in a sling. Still, he considers himself lucky.

"If he would have hit me in the back of the head, they'd be burying me today," he said.



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Tags: old man kicked in the back by stranger

Location: Bronx