Terrifying moment two thieves steal car with child inside caught on CCTV in Argentina

Two armed criminals stole a car with a child inside in the Almirante Brown area of Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Thursday afternoon (July 30).

Terrifying footage, captured by a home security camera, shows a woman shouting and begging for her son to be them to be released. Two blocks later, the thieves threw the boy onto the street and fled.

The incident occurred at 4:10 PM (local time) on Jujuy street in the San José neighbourhood, near San Francisco Solano, when the woman was preparing to go to the hairdresser where she works.

The victim, named Claudia, was travelling with her 6-year-old son in the back seat of the car, and when she exited the vehicle to close her house gate, two criminals appeared. In a matter of seconds, they broke into her car and reversed.

She opened a door and desperately pleaded with the men to hand over her son. The thieves accelerated, ran over her with the car, and fled.

"There is my son, there is my son," the woman is heard screaming. "Get out, get out," replies one of the men.

According to local media, the men were armed, and Claudia soon found her son in the middle of the street, his mouth full of blood after the men left him on the street.

"He was yelling at me 'mom, mom' from the inside. I felt that I was dying because they didn't stop. I screamed with all my strength to my neighbours. I only remember that I ran down the middle of the street calling him. They threw him in the other block. I saw him when he came with his mouth bleeding," the woman said in a TV statement.


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