Greedy cat burgles money from its owner and refuses to give it back

A video has emerged of a cat steals money from its owner and refuses to give it back.

The video shot by its owner Arun Chandru shows the feline holding on to the bundle of cash as it refuses to hand it over.

On forcefully trying to snatch the money, the cat taps back with force on his hand.

Although the owner manages to snatch a few notes from the bundle, the cat, in the end, counts the cash to see the losses it has incurred in the daylight robbery by its owner.

The owner Arun Chandru said: ''It is seen counting the cash in the end as if he has been robbed of its money. It wanted to check how much loss he had to bear.''

''My Sporting cat has become the lifeline of our house as it does funny things to entertain us every day.''


By: NewsFlare (43044.00)

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