Milpitas Police release body cam footage of fatal shooting

On June 21, at just before 1pm, the Milpitas Police Department (MPD) received a report of an incident on North Temple Drive’s 130 block. Somebody in an apartment there had been stabbed. Upon the cops’ arrival, an armed man, age 19, emerged from a nearby courtyard wielding a knife. Police told him to drop his weapon and surrender. The man charged, though, blade in hand. One officer drew his firearm and fired in self-defense. The man died from a gunshot wound.

MPD has explained that although the investigation into the incident is still ongoing, they are now able to release body cam footage so as to share with the community what happened.

The body cam footage comes from cameras worn by Officers Nathan Brasil and Mohammed Ali, respectively 5- and 18-year MPD veterans. In the video, they are seen conversing with the 19-year-old stabbing suspect whose actions prompted the initial 911 call. As the incident escalates, the suspect is shot and killed by police.

The video is 12 minutes long. The body cam section is preceded by audio from the initial 911 call, during which the attacker’s mother explains that he stabbed his stepfather, the couple is locked in a room upstairs, and the other son is hiding in a bathroom.

“My son stabbed my husband. He’s 5150,” the mother is heard saying, the latter part in reference to California’s Welfare and Institutions Code, meaning the son had a mental disorder and was a potential source of harm to himself and/or others.

“Where is your husband stabbed?” the 911 operator asks.

“In the side,” the mother answers.

In the background, the injured husband is heard saying, “Lock it. Don’t go out.”

Then the video, which contains foul language and graphic, disturbing imagery, begins. The suspect and victim names have been redacted from the initial audio, though the deceased suspect’s name has already been confirmed as Brandeis Codde.

Codde was in the apartment complex when the cops arrived, situated on a walkway, knife in hand. In the video, Brasil approaches Codde and engages with him verbally. Initially, the suspect is evasive, and walks away from the officer. Soon Codde changes course and quickly charges Brasil with the knife, yelling, “Kill me!” The suspect comes within 11 feet of the officer before the officer fires at him.


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