Cobra caught hiding under woman's bed in Thailand

A cobra was caught after slithering into a family's home and hiding under the mother's bed.

Jamrud Deeplang, 63, noticed the snake in her bedroom in Saraburi, central Thailand.

Footage shows the rescuers rummaging through the room to find the 10ft long cobra coiling near the bed but it escaped after they tried to catch it with the rod.

Luckily, one of the animal catchers was able to grab the reptile's tail and drag it out of the house.

After the rescuers had put the snake into a sack, the house owner lit a joss stick and prayed that the cobra was a sign of good luck.

She said: "According to the folklore having cobra entering house is a sign of good luck so I want to pray for the serpent and hope it had brought luck for me."



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Location: Thailand