Ratted out by a New Jersey Neighbor

This lady was on Facebook Live selling electrical items out of her small shop in New Jersey. She was showing items she had available for purchase that could be bought online. A Karen next door called the police. Police showed up and shut her down. This poor woman. This is huge over reach. Subways, buses, Costco's, Walmart's and all sorts of other big box stores are open yet this little ma and pa shop with two people inside wearing masks, is ordered closed? This is STUPID! Although the cop may have been a little dishonest (can you pick out where?) I think he hates his job right now. I pity the cops that have to follow these sorts of ridiculous governor orders based on Karen type complaints. If this women started a GOFUND me, I would flip her a few bucks.


By: Long Beard (20488.30)

Tags: Ma and Pa, Facebook Live, Covid, Police, Karen again

Location: USA